Recently, Dr Errol Naidoo together with ACDP Deputy President Wayne Thring addressed Pastors and Leaders at the Pietermaritzburg Forum. The fresh vision for 2019 was well received as Pastors & Leaders committed to strengthen the party in its progress.


Pastors & Leaders gathered recently at Phoenix Pastors Fraternal to hear ACDP Deputy President Wayne Thring and Errol Naidoo share on the current state of South Africa. The solution and fresh vision of the ACDP was well received as Pastors and Leaders committed to support the party for Godly Governance

Happy Birthday my lovely wife. You are the beacon that lights our way, the rock that keeps us steady, the wisdom that keeps us going the right way, the strength that lifts us up when we can’t, the love when everything else is dark and the joy when all else seems to be so serious. I love you.

Love your neighbour. Such a wonderful story of a person stopping in his day to help another human being. Imagine if we all did that? Imagine if we all put more value on people?

Ice Cream Bread! Okay it’s my first attempt. 500ml Store bought chocolate, vanilla and caramel ice cream melted. 375ml self raising flour. 1 teaspoon of sugar. Combine well and place in a bread baking tray or cake pan. Bake at 170 degree Celsius for 23 minutes. Then knock it out and let it stand to cool. Voila! Not bad but I think it should have baked for 25 minutes.

Happy Fathers Day was wonderful today at @incite_church My girls spoilt me and blessed me abundantly.

Happy Birthday Joy. What a wonderful time we had and a special thanks to Sharon from Velveteen Confectionaries for the cake. Special thank you to God for blessing you on your Birthday in Jesus name. @velveteenconfectionery

One man making a difference in the world.

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