@ilovedurban R50 Billion city investment into Durban…

What an awesome thing to happen right here in our city. This is going to bring some serious economic enhancements and development to our city. I love this city.


Happy 21st Birthday Michal Dance

Happy 21st Birthday Michal Dance. This party was so much fun and we had such an awesome time. We pray that you are abundantly blessed in Jesus name.

#SPSDBN Reporting and Dashboards in SharePoint presentation…

This is for all those who attended my talk at #SPSDBN this weekend about creating reports and dashboards without spending more money. The file is on my OneDrive and is around 44MB so take the throttle off your data lines and download a copy for yourself. Please note that the late slide does have sound.

If you do have any question please feel free to contact me as well.


Ppt.png SP Saturday 2016.ppsx
Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

Taking the tastes of SA far and wide #IloveDurban

This incredible article shows that Durban is not just a place of sun and surf but of flavor and style that is almost unique from around the world.


inlPicsiol%20nws%20oct%2030%20Good%20Food%20and%20Wine%201.jpg Taking the tastes of SA far and wide | IOL
Masterchef Australia judge George Calombaris is full of praise for local chefs. [VIDEO]

#SPSDBN my first time speaking….

#SPSDBN Today was the first time I have spoken at this event and the people seemed to like the topic and enjoyed our time together.

My topic was about creating reports and dashboards without spending more money. The main thread in the message however was more about gaining control over your company data to bring order in a world of Excel copy paste.

After my presentation I had hidden away some gift vouchers under selected chairs and asked everyone to check if they were a winner. These four were the winners, well done.

#SPSDBN @alistairpugin @bradgcoza

Thanks for this great event and the opportunity to present.

In the midst of #feesmustfall violence one student is being bold to share love rather than fear, hate and racism…

This guy stands alone with a blindfold on to offer hugs to students just to show that love really does not know colour or agendas. He only wanted to share a hug with whoever wanted to. the reactions and responses are amazing. I want to give a huge shout out to the boldness and to the courage this guy has showed and hope that this video break the internet. Its time to stop giving fear a platform on social media and start sharing about all those millions of people in the world who do these little things that actually show compassion. We need to start sharing more of these stories and these people in social media because they are the ones who are making a change in our daily lives with love and compassion. Well done.



Placed 2nd in our first Ballroom Dance Competition

Today Tracey and I stepped (pun intended) into a new world of ballroom dance competition. We entered in the social dance division, which is not competitive. However our group was combined with the Beginners competitive division nd we ended up being judged on this level from our first try. We found this out the day before the competition which meant we had to change the fox trot to a quick step and the swing to a jive literally overnight.

We just enjoyed the time together as a husband and wife doing some dancing together.

After all the excitement and some butterflies lining up, we some how managed to place second in the ballroom division (Waltz and Quick Step) and second in the latin division (Cha Cha and Jive).

Wow, what a fun time and such a diverse array of people.

One man making a difference in the world.

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