The 40th Wedding Anniversary presentation. A love only 40 years young!


Stephenson 40th wedding anniversay. what an inspiration.

“a love 40 years young”
Those were the words on the presentation. It was a close gathering of family and friends. Everyone was very excited. The venue was really nice and the food was good. There was a presentation with a history of their lives in photos. It was absolutely AWESOME. We all wanted to know what their secret was.

It is so rare to find two people who are willing to grit their teeth and keep going through the tough times no matter what. He was an alcoholic for many years and now he is having his 40th wedding anniversary completely dry and loving it. There were many times when the average person today would just have quit, but my mother in law saw it through.

We need more people in this age who are prepared to take responsibility for their vows and live by what they say in them.

What a mighty inspiration.

Some pictures include the three daughters and some grand children who were there as well.
What a blessing.

Grandpa is teaching Faye how to walk and she is loving it!

This is me and my two girls. check out the pink walls!

Faye takes her first swim in the pool. It was such a beautiful day, we all swam in our pool.

Ruan has another great Birthday and this is what he thinks of that…

The new “babies” get their first bath. My dad’s two new dogs get bathed in the bathtub… lol

This is my brother and my dad giving their two new puppies a bath in the bath tub. Very cute and loads of fun and laughs.

One man making a difference in the world.

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