EMIL: How the US government engages the world, should South Africa be taking a leaf????

I have come across an article that really shows the direction this world is going in, not just from a governmental perspective, but from anyone who wants to be serious about their customers, clients, people or maybe even friends or club members. Getting directly in communication with them is the key factor to getting the truth out.

Don’t we need more of the truth in this awesome country of South Africa?
Jo-ann Downs already does a lot of work on Facebook and Twitter. I am developing my own NationRebuilder project via Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Flickr, YouTube, Skype and many others.

Does it take long? No, I simply write one email to one email address and the site I set up takes care of the rest to submit that one email to all those other sites. I had to spend time setting them all up, but now I receive emails and notifications of when people join my group or if they respond to something I say.

Do I have to be on that site? No, it all happens via email.

The ACDP has been exposing corruption in South Africa for a long time now, in some areas I think more than the DA, (but that is my opinion only). the problem is that no one ever gets to hear about it, because Julius Malema hogs the news and if it is not him then we are subjected to Helen Zillie and Jacob Zuma and his sixth wife.

I believe it is time to get the truth out into the people’s hands and to expose those things that are hidden.

How? VOICE IT! make graffiti of it over every possible medium we can find from blog, email, Facebook, Twitter, internet websites to the newspapers, SMS listings, local sports clubs, shopping notice boards maybe even some flyer dumps into local area post boxes.

What should we say? Tell them the truth. Until the truth gets out in this beautiful country we will be lead by the news of the SABC and the government who own it. The Holy Word of God Almighty and many other famous successful people have all agreed on one truth and that is that the truth will set you free!

Here is the article that sparked this idea:

Yours Sincerely

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I am selling some furniture on Gumtree, maybe I would feel generous to the person who helps me finds a buyer!

I am busy selling my dining table, 6 cane chairs and a cd / book cabinet. Here are the two links on Gumtree.co.za (not getting paid for this ad ). Pass the word around. If you happen to help me find a buyer I am willing to offer a finders fee or discount if you are buying it yourself. Check it out.

Easter in the Park, my three favorite girls and the sunny skies. This is how a man should spend Easter, with God’s beauty all around him.

Easter in the Park, my three favorite girls and the sunny skies. This is how a man should spend Easter, with God’s beauty all around him.

Shopping with our friend Sage.

We decided to bless our wonderful friend Sage this weekend with a brand new outfit.

The mark of the beast????

We have heard of it and probably have read it even, how much do we actually believe it? If you research this, you will find that the FDA (America) has approved human implantation of an ID chip in 2004. This chip is normally implanted in the persons right hand, just as the scripture says. If you look at the events in the first 4 months of this year you will have noticed some massive earth quakes and even a volcano causing massive destruction. Most people are fearful, but those who are true Christians (this word literally means to be like Jesus Christ) should be excited about this time, because it means that Jesus will soon be here. In the Bible there are many scriptures in the New and Old Testament predicting this day and also that God will deliver the righteous during these times.

Now, more than ever, we need to renew our love and reverence for God and Jesus Christ. There is still time to establish your relationship with God. John 3 says that God sent Jesus Christ, His only son, to the earth to be crucified so that through the sacrifice of Jesus we can be saved and our sins be forgiven. Do you have to give up anything? No, but Jesus and God have replaced the old commandments with two royal commandments, Matthew 22 says that we should first love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind and soul and the second is to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. What a peaceful and great world we can live in if each of us had to practice just these two laws! Unfortunately John 10 tells us that there is an enemy called Satan who’s sole purpose it is to steal, to kill and to destroy us. Make no mistake, there is a very real war going on and most of us have been turning away from our responsibility to stand against the enemy.

So, what am I saying?

Renew or kindle a close intimate relationship with your Bible, God and Jesus Christ. Then begin to live a life like Jesus did. I warn you now, that the life of a true Christian is not for the feint hearted, but the rewards are eternal and more glorious than we can imagine, if you are not sure then research what the Bible says about what heaven will look like. We cannot begin to imagine the goodness of God. He even says that in heaven there will be no pain and no sickness, which means there will be no sorrow. We cannot begin to imagine this, because we are so indoctrinated in this life to feel pain. 

Wake up! God is a God of love and He is preparing an eternal Kingdom for those who choose Him. He is coming, spread the uncorrupted word in Jesus name.


Here is an email about an ID chip that mimics the scripture which talks about the mark of the beast in the Bible.


ere is the chip: 666 ……..

The chip can be used to track nearly anything. Due to its small size
it can be embedded into or attached to nearly any item.
(Including that office pen you stole last week)

All your personal details etc will be stored on “secure” internet data bases.
The chip will only (or so they say) contain your unique 16 digit ID number.

The chip is scanned and your Radio Frequency ID can be used to do your
banking, shopping, start your car, unlock your front door, time clock you at
work, admit you to the cinema, pay for dinner at the restaurant, let you into
a public toilet etc etc etc.

You will not carry money for anything and therefore cannot be mugged for
your money. You can be quickly found if kidnapped (like your cars tracker)
Giving you complete control over your life…..????….or so you think…..

Actually you will be handing over control of your life….
If you step out of line or do something the law dont like you doing, your chip
can be limited or even deactivated. This means someone else has control over
your life. For example: You can be stopped from accessing your own house,
starting your car, paying for your groceries or anything else, prevented from
entering public shopping malls, banks, hospitals etc etc.
Your movements can be tracked and your whole life can be controled by the

Everything you buy or spend money on will be recorded in the data base.
Everywhere you go will be recorded in the data base. Big Brother will be
recording your every move….and if theres a CCTV camera around…then
Big Brother can literally see what you are doing….

By accepting the RFID chip you will become part of the population who are
controlled by the Police State Government.

If you value what little freedom you have….DO NOT TAKE THE CHIP….

The bible warns us against this… Do not take this lightly




 We are living in the last day…..

I am thankful to God for my family every day. It’s hard to believe that 5 years ago I was afraid to have kids, then I met God.

One man making a difference in the world.

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