Do you know Lucas the Lazy Lion song?

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If you did not know the words, here is a 1 and a half year old who can teach you.


Joy meets Cinderela

Joy and Cinderela at the Playhouse. She came out specifically to see Joy. Joy asked Cinderela how to curtsy, and a few other things. We found out that Durban is the only place where they still have a full orchestra with their show. It was a blessed, special family moment, filled with miracles and God’s love. Emil

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Garden kisses?

We went looking for some flowers at a local nursery and Faye saw this statue and decided to return the kiss. It was really cute. Love is beautiful. Amen.

Botanical bliss…

Our family at the Botanical Gardens. What a beautiful site and wonderful family day. We learnt about trees names and where they come from and we saw 7 different weddings. Joy got sprinkles on her crumpets from a very kind lady at the tea garden, and we found a victorian water pump to wash our hands. What a special day. The best part, i spent it with my best friend (my wife) and my girls. This is the life God has given me and I love it. Thank you God, in Jesus name.

Tracey has a big surprise for her Surprise Tropical BirthdayBraai

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With loads of organizing and work Tracey was still overwhelmed with the response to her Birthday. Thanks to everyone who made it so special.

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