The pumpkins…


The pumpkins! The pumpkin patch doll, Pumpkin, is actually from my aunt.


Emil: can you answer there questions?

Rinaldo Park. 3 years along & Im still asking 4 the same basic services, cut grass, cut trees & fix fence. I shouldnt have 2 complain just 2 get this done. I have been calling Victor Chetty from parks and he doesnt respond, i have been calling Suren Naidoo and he doesnt respond. Heinz DeBoer says he speaks to them but i just keep hearing the same thing. Who else do i call when basic services are not being done? Does the voice of a person in a community no longer get heard. Can the media help? Is the community willing to help and how do i do that? Can you help me answer there questions? Emil 0824976222

Went for early surf & was blessed with…

Went for early surf & was blessed with beautiful sunrise, awesome waves & a school of dolphins surfed with me, so close I almost touched one. God is awesome.

Faye learns drums… I think.

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1 Corinthians 13 without Gods love in me I am empty, nothing, a useless nobody, I gain nothing. But

But if I have Gods love in me, I am fulfilled, I am somebody, I gain everything. Love never fails, and endures all, so, love without weakening, with God Almightys love in you. Amen

Story time with my girls. Sometimes it pays to stop your life for these important moments. Amen.


Faye and mom at her swimming lesson. Such a wonderful smile. We should all enjoy life like this.


One man making a difference in the world.

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