Faye and mom at her swimming lesson. Such a wonderful smile. We should all enjoy life like this.



The King and Princess Faye enjoying making dinner for the queen.


#SoulSurfer Going to be starting soon. I wish I was in America to watch it. No release date here in SA yet.

Soul Surfer. Let’s help this movie become number one, because this is a good movie that will make a good change in peoples lives. www.soulsurferthemovie.com

I have been watching this movie and the life story of Bethany Hamilton and I am so excited about the movie coming up. I think it is going to be one of those good movies that makes changes in people’s lives. Those kind of movies just don’t come along anymore. Here is a great article about the Movie and who Bethany Hamilton is. www.faithandfitness.net/node/365

  I believe as she does that Jesus is the one who has pulled me through lifes greatest challenges, because when everything falls apart, there is only you and Jesus.

  Watch the movie, Like the Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/soulsurfermovie) Tweet (http://twitter.com/#!/SoulSurferMovie) and visit the site (http://www.soulsurferthemovie.com).


<img title="Soul Surfer (2011) Movie | http://blog.80millionmoviesfree.com/in-theaters/soul-surfer-2011-movie” src=”http://ts1.mm.bing.net/images/thumbnail.aspx?q=873410398582&id=ef468210a9a755ec0e5f13b953cd121e&#8221; height=”160″ alt=”Soul Surfer (2011) Movie | http://blog.80millionmoviesfree.com/in-theaters/soul-surfer-2011-movie” style=”BORDER-BOTTOM-STYLE: none; BORDER-LEFT-STYLE: none; BORDER-TOP-STYLE: none; BORDER-RIGHT-STYLE: none;” width=”106″ />

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Family Birthday at the beach.


Kim turns 21 again. We were truly blessed by this awesome day.

The Force… Every once in a while you see something that makes you ROLF…

The Force.avi Watch on Posterous

This is one of those rare ROLF moments.

One man making a difference in the world.

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