First ever triathlon with @tinmantri! Can you believe at the start of this year I was overweight and had high cholesterol…..

Yup, these are the results of my first ever triathlon. What makes this victory such a huge might exploit is that the last time I was on a bike was in 1997 and the last time I ran more than 500m was nearly 25 years ago.

The greatest blessing to me is that at the start of this year I was over weight and had a huge cholesterol problem. Praise Jesus for wisdom and strength!

What an amazing experience this was for me. I kept encouraging all the other entrants who were running or cycling around me. It was amazing to see their faces light up and you can just see their hearts changing so that they are able to just push through and finish the race with a simple word of encouragement. I was also really excited to see some of my friends from church cheering me on as I went through the transitions. That was really amazing.

I hope that this post encourages someone to not just dream but to start doing what needs to be done to achieve their dreams. Dreams are not a lotto ticket waiting to never happen. Dreams are the fuel that is supposed to drive a person do something to achieve them and keep going. God created each one of us to be more and do more than we can imagine, but it is up to us to shut up and start taking some responsibility to just get things done. We all know what we need to do but we don’t. Its amazing how many stupid things we use as excuses, in the end its only us pushing back our dreams and waiting on the fence but doing nothing.

You can do this! get off the fence and start doing reaching your dream! Don’t wait for tomorrow because that never comes! Your tomorrow starts now. Your dreams are just around the corner but you will never know unless you make that step!

You can do it!

To my wife Tracey Swanepoel, thank you for your patience my love.

To my brothers in Christ, your support fueled me through a lot.

My result

35_2338_5.png Tinman #2
Emil SWANEPOEL completed the Sprint at Tinman #2 in a #FinishTime of 01:25:59 Like to congratulate!

@tinmantri Tinmantridurban

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