8 year old prays for police officers… We should all follow her example of doing good….

With all the news spewing all the hate, violence, greed and many other crazy stories, it is good to see that at least one of the many kind and good things that still do take place was actually noticed a reported on.

This young girl prayers often but on this occasion she wanted to pray for these police officers, who had recently lost a fellow officer. She did not know this when she prayed for them. Sometimes we need to stop the crazy stuff and start filling our days with being the best we can not for ourselves, but for those around us because we do not know what they may be going through and our kind act could be the one thing they need to lift them up to have enough courage to get through their situation.


BBE3XQx.img Kind 8-Year-Old Prays For Police Officers: ‘We Support our Officers’
Her mom says it’s characteristic of her daughter to do so.


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