Do you want to be better organized in 2017 at the office and at home….

Your day is so busy and there are so many people and things going on and then you find an interesting article that you want to get back to but don’t know where to put it so just dump it on your desktop then you suddenly remember you have a several things to do so you need a pen and paper to make a to do list and don’t forget the bread eggs and milk and also there is a project meeting and you need to set up an agenda and task list for the team….

Sound familiar?

Stop, take a deep breathe, I have a possible solution which I have been using for years and it has helped me HUGELY. It’s called Microsoft OneNote and it is free and can be installed on ANY PC or DEVICE, it even runs on the web. I use it to manage family chores, daily life as well as handling project communications and project notes or documentation. Agendas and meeting notes are a breeze, and what makes this even better is my wife has access to view the family notebook and checklist what I need to get for groceries. The project team has access to the projects notebook which shows the tasks list which is linked to Outlook tasks assigned to them an there is an agenda for each of the meetings. The whole thing lives in the cloud and have page version which I can review if need be. I can set up a new page when I am doing research and just “clip” or “dump” the whole entire web page or email I just found onto a page which I can read later on my phone when I can. I can record voice messages on these pages as well as dump images and the system allows me to use OCR to get the text off those business cards I often get from people. It’s a great way to organise all the people I meet and helps me to have place to remember where they are from.

Here are a few links from Business daily use all the way to Students and for your home life. Finally, one place where all these things can be organised and managed and shared or not shared which whoever I choose.

I STRONGLY recommend taking the time to go over these articles. If you want to be quick, start with 3,4,5,6 and then get into 1 when you have a little more time because this tool can do a HUGE amount of very cool stuff. Don’t forget you can collaborate these with people and it can be installed on any phone, tablet, pc, laptop or phablet.

1. Detailed list of what OneNote can do

th?id=OVP.aVkUF0XrRR1sLfBjxbdjxgEsCh&pid=Api This is why OneNote is awesome
This post shows you why Microsoft OneNote is awesome and shows you some of the hidden features you didn’t know about.

2. How to use OneNote in a classroom with students (maybe a project team)

3. How to remain organized in business using OneNote

4. How OneNote helps us to organize the day

5. 10 Tips that make OneNote more useful in everyday life

6. The Family edition (can be used for teams) of how to organize your family

7. The official site

I hope that your 2017 is organised and victorious.


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