@Google AI starts to to make its own language amongst iteself…

Often times we hear about AI. We often also imagine the Terminator movies or have people who say both yay and boo to the idea of AI in computers. The truth is we don’t know what AI is and we have no idea of how it will look or even work in our lives.

Enter @Google AI amongst many others. @Google created an AI Translation team of computers that were given the task of translating between languages and each other. The results were exactly as expected until they discovered something that they could not explain. The computers started creating their own more efficient language and communicating with each other in this new language. This new language and communication is a mystery to the team.

So lets go back to the start and ask again are we interested in AI? The question that should be asked now appears to have changed because we can now see the reality of the AI at work. But do we want these computers making decision and communicating with each other on their own? Now this changes things doesn’t it?


AAkEd9F.img Google’s AI translation tool seems to have invented its own secret internal language
Based on how various sentences are related to one another in the memory space of the neural network, Google’s language and AI boffins think that it has.


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