Durban shelters are ripping off homeless people…

We blog and social media all day long and stress about the challenges we face with mobile connections, and yet there are people in every city that face one simple challenge, “Have I got enough to sleep in a bed?”. In Durban South Africa there are many shelters on offer and yet these shelters are actually ripping these homeless people off. Read this article and try and think about what living conditions these people face every day and ask yourself if you were placed in that position, would you like to know that you were a person who helped make a better place for your fellow man to at least stay for the night.

Here’s an idea, imagine if all the super rich leaders in our city had to submit 1% of all their monthly earnings to making these places better to live in for the sake of the people?
Imagine if there was a program (like the jury duty in America) that would bring educated people to train classes for these homeless people so that they can be educated and help them become productive people in our community and city?
Have we stopped caring for our fellow man?

Jesus said, “love your neighbor as you love yourself”. Find one of these shelters and make sure they are genuine and see if you can support or help them even if it just with your time.


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