Quality Leaders are in short supply, how do you grow them? @HarvardBiz

This is not just a local problem or an industry problem, its a global problem. the question however is how do you grow leaders? This article from Harvard Business Review makes a good point that is a trait of a good leader. Globally people are becoming more and more comfortable with things and fewer people are challenging themselves to new things or to new projects past their own level so that they can grow. this is not just happening in business but in every area of life in in the home.

there are many qualities of great leadership that almost everyone can tell you. In fact everyone knows what is required to become a leader, but the proof of it all is in those who are prepared to actually do it and be held accountable to it. The article below highlights an example which shows how this is even happening in a successful business with very intelligent and skilled people. In the bible James 1 says that people should not just be hearers of the word but they should also be doers of the word. This is no so real and true for everyone in every area of life.

Harvard Business Review is a world leader in business development and has released more business leaders than you know.



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