@amazon plan to use street lights for resting drones…

What’s that on the street light, is it a bird? No its a drone.
This is a actually a interesting idea, but the question to be raised here is what if 50 different businesses suddenly also decide to use drones? Our street lights will look like a resting place for a swam of drones.

Interestingly enough though this does open the world to several potential options which are not being planned. What about using all those municipal items to benefit communities in a better way, like the Solar Roads Ways for example. These drone resting points could be used for more than just resting drones, maybe they could also be used to charge an electric bike or a set of parking bays that have charging points for electric cars.

This could broaden our vision of every day items that could double up to benefit in a bigger way.

@amazon, very cool idea.



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