Is your home router hacking the internet without your knowledge?

It sounds like a movie but the article below is about a small brick and mortar business that had a website with was being hit with 35000 http requests a second (called a denial of service attack) from a globally connecte4d set of CCTV cameras. When the security company came in to try and protect the system the attacks increased to 50 000 http requests per second. As it turns out these were all executed by a bunch of CCTV cameras operating the same server and software. these cameras were installed all over the world and using the standard installation.

Think about this for a second. A person or business owner decides to install his own CCTV cameras that are connected so they can vi3ew them on their phone. To do this the system will need a live connected unlimited bandwidth connection, and it will required an IP address that will allow the web to find that server from anywhere in the world. It will also set up this with limited or even no security to make the usage of the system as simple and easy as possible for the users. The problem here is that it also makes it easy for any hacker to use it as well to do their bidding. Hack on and install some basic software that they have created which will allow the hacker to run and command to execute any sort of command against anyone.

This may only be a small case but the glaring truth is that many people do not secure their home routers with some simple built in techniques to help protect their systems against this kind of use and abuse. I want to encourage all people who read this and who share this to learn how to secure any device connected to the internet. From a fridge to a watch, if it is connected in any way it can be a potential threat to other people. We all have a responsibility to other people to make sure that our own devices or system are at the least not affecting other people. Please secure your systems at home and around the office where you can, or get help to do so and you could help prevent this kind of attack on a poor unsuspecting business owner.


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