Our beginners ballroom class from 2015 brought us together…

What a wonderful year with Peta learning to dance. Tracey and I have now got our Advanced Ballroom certificates and are starting some advanced styling. We have been having so much fun. The amazing thing is that during it all we have grown closer in our relationship with each other through the dancing. I have learnt to lead and Tracey has learnt to allow me to lead. LOL.

We strongly recommend and urge everyone to at least do the beginners class and spend some time with your spouse getting up close and personal as you dance together.

Peta is an incredible instructor she even taught me to do a quick step! She breaks the steps down to simple to follow steps and builds on them as you grow and learn. The social dance sessions were extremely fun and valuable I would recommend them to anyone. It gave Tracey and I a chance to use our dancing and at the same time we had loads of fun meeting other couples also learning the same stuff.

There is a beginners class starting in the next couple of weeks, are you joining us?
Peta from Durban Dance Centre 076 291 1202



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