World’s first 3D-printed office building completed in Dubai

That got your attention? Well it may sound a bit far fetched, but it is actually true. I believe that most people are missing the potential in the 3D printing world because people still look at 3D printing as a printer. the problem is however that you can use a whole lot more than just ink in the 3D Printers. With 3D printers people have been able to print both hard a soft materials like capsules fro medicine. Complex machinery that works can also be done. That means that anything man can build a 3D printer can make as long as it has the 3D image needed to create it. This means that architects have now just been given a licence to print anything! Architects are the starting point the primary design behind taking a piece of blank paper and turning it into a 3D design from nothing. With most people its simple a case of scan it in 3D and then print it, but in the architects world, they actually create it. I believe that the future of the architect is far bigger and more vital that people may think. Watch this industry.


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