Most garbage floating in the ocean gathers in these 5 giant patches????

So you enjoyed that carton or container of juice or water and now you need to carry on with your day. So what happens to that container?
From there it gets taken to some sort of dump and if all goes well it will be recycled into something usable, but more often than not this is not the case. It will either land up on a landfill where it may collapse at some point or poison the land around if not handled properly. The one however that many people don’t know enough about are the ocean patches which in some cases are almost as large as Texas. There are 5 places where all this garbage collects and converges and it is growing constantly. Take a look at this video to get a view of how bad it is becoming. Soon the garbage in the ocean will be more than the fish in it.

We need to be responsible for the lives we lead and what we produce and how we manage the environment around us.


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