Why @Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile is not on all phones….

Man I was frustrated when I found out my Lumia 920 was not going to get the Windows 10 update. I was going to go onto the dev version and just use that after all it is almost identical and Microsoft seem to be not playing nice. However, after reading this article I was reminded that Microsoft don’t just do something or make some free stuff that goes viral and then becomes an update and maintenance nightmare with some green alien. LOL. They actually thought this through and this article shows that Microsoft actually do care for their customers by making sure they have a seamless experience. Now granted they said we would all be upgrading, but lets just face it those old phones are now ready for upgrade and a new phone sounds really awesome right now, so nice one @Microsoft.

I upgraded my wife’s 730 and it upgraded smoothly and is running like a dream. Yes, feeling a little envious, but I will be getting a new phone in the next few days anyway. YAY



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