Lets celebrate the good in South Africa #SAMustRise – submit your stories here…

I believe its time we start celebrating people who go out their way to help their fellow South African or neighbor.
Its time we stop dragging our country into the trash. WE never seem to find people speaking about the good in our country and as a result when I ask people they seldom are able to even give me one good point.
If you have experienced a person in municipal, work, retail, neighborhood, community or just in life going above and beyond or offering great service or help to other people, I am asking you to send it to me so I can post it here. Lets celebrate the good in South Africa #SAMustRise

Submit your stories on my blog http://www.emilswanepoel.com and I will post it across all my social media. The we can all start reposting, liking, sharing, retweeting, friending and circling it among our friends and start building a more positive country. Remember to include the #SAMustRise in the message title.




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