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A great article from the Family Policy Institue worth reading.

Vote Your Values – Value Your Vote!

Over the weekend of 5 and 6 March 2016, tens of thousands of voters across the country registered to vote in the upcoming Local Government Elections.

In a few months, millions of voters will go to the polls to elect their local government representative. A large majority of citizens will cast their ballots in the desperate hope things will improve for them and their families.
Although the Local Government Elections are considered less important than the General Elections by many voters, the lack of basic service delivery significantly impacts on our daily lives and more directly than national politics.
However, whether you and I cast ballots in the General Elections or the Local Government Elections, our responsibility before God remains the same. Christians are commanded by God to be ‘Salt & Light’ in society. The vote is just one tool available to Christian citizens to advance righteousness in the nation.
Voting for a political party is an extension of the Christian citizen’s hopes and aspirations for the nation. If you and I want to see righteous government in South Africa, we must elect righteous people into positions of authority.
People often ask me which political party to vote for. My response remains the same. Vote your Values! Vote for the party that reflects your values.
Over the next few months, we will be interviewing the leaders of the various political parties contesting the Municipal Elections. We hope the critical information shared in these programs will help you make the correct decision.

If you miss the broadcasts of both the “Watchmen on the Wall” and “Salt & Light” programs on TV or miss our radio programs – they are available on our website a week after broadcast. You can access all past programs Here.
The fear of God prohibits me from voting for a political party that will use my endorsement to advance wickedness in society. It is my responsibility to ensure I entrust my vote to a political party that will not violate my conscience by advocating and advancing policies that contradict God’s laws and principles.
Your vote will determine the quality of government and cannot be taken lightly. Christian citizens must not ignore their duty to God to effect change in SA.
Please ensure you register to vote in the upcoming Local Government Elections. But more importantly, vote your values for Godly change in South Africa.
Errol Naidoo


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