We Crossed Over Midmar Mile…

Our day was filled with miracles, challenges and fun, but everyone came out a victor. Its hard to believe that two of the guys in this team could not even swim a length at the start of last year and the year before respectively. What a mighty mile stone.

The most beautiful part of the whole race to me was when the last two swimmers arrived near the finish, the rest of the team who had sum ahead of them waited for them and when they came close the whole team swam out to them and the whole team went through the finish line together.

So many challenges faced is all and health issues this last week, its a miracle we swam at all. This team shows us that Ephesians 4:33 is still working because they have grown together as brothers, praying, building encouraging and lifting each other up in love to go through this event.

Well done Cross Over, praise Jesus.


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