Will Microchips in Your Hand Replace Passports? How will this affect us….

That is the question this article answers as a man actually does exactly this. My question is has anyone noticed how fast technology and world news is starting to line up with the book of Revelation in the Bible? Yup, sure this is great technology and it has been inevitable with the masses of population for this type of thing to happen, but the real question is if world food prices are increasing, poverty is increasing, wars are increasing, natural disasters are increasing, world government is being decided on, one global economic system is already in place, using embedded microchips that you can do yourself, these are only a few of the things I have noticed.

Sure we can just put it aside and say that technology is changing, but how do we explain so many things lining up with the Bible. Even if you do not agree with the Bible, Revelation and all the other books in the Bible have been predicting these times. I believe that Revelation talks of a loaf of bread costing a bar of gold.

The truth still remains, it will be made super simple and easy for people to do commerce via these implants. These implants will soon become the norm and everything we do will depend on them.

Did you know that the reason the Nazi’s were so effective at killing the Jews is because they used IBM computers to track and tag all the Jews and their families. that is the primary reason why they killed so many. How is this any different?





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