Almost all the wealth in the world is owned by 92000 people and they are hoarding it….

It sounds like a myth or conspiracy theory, but the truth is all the wealthy people are holding onto their money and making sure it doesn’t get taxed to help the rest of their fellow countrymen through improvements in their country.

Taxes are the way money is supposed to be brought back into the system to allow the councils to manage the cities and countries we live in, however when that flow stops because the money is going off shore where and how do we get the money for those services?

Its time to give back to the people who need it right? Well the Bible says that before the return of Jesus and judgement day, the world will be turned to a single world economic system and a loaf of bread will cost a bar of gold. Yup, this wealth hoarding certainly sounds like it is a part of that.

So what about all those charitable events these people do? They get paid for it and pay not taxes on it and the cycle starts again. We need leaders and wealth owners who have love and compassion in their hearts. Sure get a big house and car, but instead of avoiding taxes make sure you remember that you are stopping the flow back to your own fellow countrymen and in many cases the ones who actually made you famous and gave you all that cash!



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