LG finally showed us the roll-up TV it’s been teasing for years

Thus has to be one if the most anticipated products that people have been waiting for. The challenge here is not thatthetech is there, bur that its been home brewed nd patented by LG which means we are waiting on them to release products to the world.

Imagine the potential of this technology though. A fully flexible screen on a plastic base. This will change wearable tech and products hugely because it offers more flexibility to move with the wearer.

This will change your shopping experience though because every product with a label can now have a label with a screen. Either that or store owners can change all the labels in their store to be computer screens, then with the gps location apps in facebook and others product specials can be driven to you as you walk past each of the labels.

Add in the modern cloud technology and you can get product information and label descriptions and even videos about the products right there on that plastic screen.

That’s some intense stuff, but that’s just me.



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