28 Pictures That Prove 2015 Wasn’t A Completely Terrible Year

This year has had so many issues and the news never has any good in it. Then you come across an article like the one below and you see all that great inspiring loving news that you never see on the tv or in the news papers.

These are only 28, but there are so many more that we should hear about.

Celebrate the victories in your life, big or small. If you don’t you open the door to depression. When the Israelites crossed over to Jericho they had to take 12 stones out of the river to build an altar for future generations to remember the victory. In my home I have a wall with photos from victorious moments in our families lives and we always look at that and remember the victory. This inspires us and gives us the energy to tackle our next challenge.

You can do this too, celebrate your victories.



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