Jacob Zuma is not South Africa, we are so much more…

Over the last week South Africans have gone through all the shades of fear anxiety and trauma to the point of giving up and quitting the most beautiful country in the world because of one man. We are a democracy and the words of one man do not make up the people in this country. We are so much more than that. Do we deserve better in our leadership certainly, but that does not mean we just throw our hands up and quote.

We are a country who have come through more than most countries in the world would care to even think of. I have traveled to many placed and often had to live in a friends living room while back packing. That gave me a great view of the way people live in many countries around the world and I came back with one simple conclusion, this is still the best place in the world to live. With all the challenges we are more poised for victory and growth in spite of the mouth of an person acting on his own agenda.

So, before you start speaking hate or fear into your children or the future of our country stop and find out if there is any good. Why, because the good is NEVER in the news. When was the last time you heard about a politician who actually rolled up his sleeves and did work in a local community? For me it was today and yesterday and many other days, but that is because I am not looking at loud mouths with red berets on, I am looking at real people and real countrymen who love their neighbours, real South Africans working together.

I am Proudly South African because we are a loving joyous nation who love our sport and know how to overcome insurmountable odds to win.

PS: for those who want to know I am voting @A_C_D_P for real people who still deal with real South Africans, yes, we are much more than just a president.


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