Praying bus driver fired…..

I wonder if there would have been a difference if he was supporting ISIS or Muslim or Hindu? The incredible thing about this article is that his prayer was not directed at any one faith. The Hindu, Tamil and Muslim would be able to pray that same prayer because it would be to them a prayer to their own Gods.

What if this man was Muslim? According to the Muslim teaching and faith anyone on that bus who is not a Muslim would be considered an unbeliever and would have to die.

As a society we have become so sensitive to everything that we protect everything, but in protecting everything, we begin to loose our right to choose which makes us free. Forcing this man to stop saying his prayer is taking away his identity and his voice.

I have been in the exact same position in something I have done before where I read a paragraph of about 6 words from my bible at a presentation to identify a point. Had I mentioned the same point using any number of other deities or people, it would have been just fine, but the moment I read it from the Bible it was considered wrong.

Added to this crazy thing it only takes one complaint and the bus company fires someone, I would call that an unfair dismissal when hundreds of others actually appreciated the prayer prayed by this bus driver.

Jerome, you are a Daniel in the making. I believe you were a blessing to people and they appreciate it. God will make a way for you in Jesus name.


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