#prayforparis great but what about Kenya 147 students killed? Something bigger….

Its absolutely evil what happened in Paris. We pray for the people, but today in Kenya 147 students were killed, see article below. What about them? The world and Facebook put a French flag over their profile in homage, but I do not see anyone putting a Kenyan flag?

In Revelation in the Bible all these things have been written. You can read up about them. Many people just think its a book or that its just a bunch of words, but there are too many prophetic words in the Bible to just call it a book. Time and again when you see stuff happening in the world, you can read about it in the Bible as well. Science has even found evidence supporting the Bible but people have hidden this or made opinion of their own about it and as such have hidden it from people in the world, because Satan does not want people to believe that the Bible is true.

How will you survive this apocalyptic world we are living in? Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life, no one can come to the Father but through me.”. When we choose to believe we are positioning ourselves for an eternal Kingdom life in heaven and we are positioning ourselves to be victorious here and now, but we have to believe. When the day of judgement arrives and God Almighty comes to judge the Earth we will all have to make account for our lives.

You can choose now by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. Romans 10:9.
Then you are positioned to pray for all peoples and stand against the real enemy, Satan.

Now, pray for the families who have to deal with these senseless losses in Paris, Kenya and all over the world (more often than not we never hear about most of it).

Kenya attack: 147 dead in Garissa University assault – BBC News


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