The DA blundered by unfairly ejecting Diane Kohler Barnard, we need better leaders in our country #voteACDP

Social media is an arena of individuals voicing their opinion on anything and reposting stuff is just too easy to avoid this. I think everyone has made the mistake of posting something because it looks cute or sounds right only to notice later that its not.

So where is the forgiveness and where is the love. It seems that the ANC have gone out of their way to point fingers at the DA for being racist. I wonder what the demographic of the ANC is?

The truth remains that the corruption is high and that services are not being done correctly because of the character of the people in leadership. The DA are trying to change that but many of their actions are more of the same of what we currently see.

South African needs better leaders, statesmen who are honest and trustworthy, people who live by more than just their political agenda.


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