Cyber attacks fast becoming a full-blown industry, so what do you do?

More often than not people seem to think they are safe,but the truth is that cyber crime is very much a part of life. As an ex online retailer, I was defrauded of transactions for more than R100,000 in my first year of my business and it nearly derailed me because the bank does not educate you in what to look for and they do not protect you as this article says. The truth I they simply take the month out of your account and give it back to the customer almost 12 months later after you have sent the goods.

After my first experiences of this I began to educate myself on how this stuff works and how it affects me both as an online business and individual. In short you have to be on your a game with all your bank transactions and query every anomaly. With banks, a customer can refute a transaction on their credit cards up to 12 months after it has taken place and be refunded the full amount at the expense of the business where the transaction took place.

This however does not stop a hacker from using your name and details to logon to sites and assume your identity.

In short, you have to share sparingly and be wise in every message you send, which does not bode well for social media. But there are ways to use these environments without exposing too much.

Basically be social with people you know and make sure you know who you are buying from and try and make sure its with a double check pin.


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