URGENT Fight the new that is worse than cocaine! @FightTheNewDrug

This page here shows you some facts that you may or may not know about. Because I have been in this place before I met Jesus, I was oblivious to all these facts and I can tell you from experience that these facts are true. I can tell you now that it is a hard road back because even after I was born again, I still have to renew my mind to good thoughts and ideas.

Research has proven that porn is as addictive as cocaine because of how it affects the pathways of your brain. Yes even if you do it inly once, it is that powerful.

Yeah but only perverts do that its natural to have a bit or porn as a kid. Ever heard or thought that? Even Hollywood movie and television actively promote this. The truth is anyone exposed to even a little porn will have their minds rewired and find problems in their relationships.

Read the facts from this site. They are based on actual research that the world tries to hide from us because it does not sell well.

I am telling you now, kill this stuff immediately and fight it in your mind or you will never have a normal relationship or you will sabotage your current relationships. Worse yet you may end up a slave to porn because nothing in real life meets you desires.

Porn kills love is what these guys are saying and Fight the new drug. Yes, I agree, because its a battle worse than cocaine.



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