No Amnesty For Pimps! @FamilyPolInst #voteACDP

This article from @FamilyPolInst is an eye opener to the truth. If this law comes to pass, the doors to open brothels in communities will be unprecedented. We already have problems forcing current brothels out of our communities, can you imagine what will happen if this law gets passed. I have been on a community board where we the community was asked to workshop the issues around this exact topic.

The workshop was for the communities in Durban to discuss the merits for or against legalizing prostitution. I chose to sit in the discussion to put forward ideas for legalizing prostitution (which I am completely against). The reason so that I would not just force my decision and to see the whole picture. Even after doing this, all the people agreed that there was no way to benefit from legalizing prostitution.

The challenge is in defining what prostitution is? Is it adults paying to have sex with each other? If that is the case then what about a young 12 year old girl who has no parents and has sex with a man to have a place to stay and get a ride to school every day, is that also prostitution? What about girls that are removed from their homes and stuffed full of drugs and kept as locked up sex slaves where they get no money at all, is that prostitution?

The truth is that prostitution in our country is not just a job, it is also slavery, bondage, survival. If we do not fight against this and just think it will be swept under the carpet or someone else will do it, then it will be passed and you will have no way of stopping it.

Remember if good people do nothing evil will prevail. #voteACDP

Say No To Decriminalised Prostitution In SA!
The Sex Workers Education & Advocacy Taskforce or SWEAT wasted no time lobbying government for full decriminalisation of the sex industry in SA based on "Amnesty International’s" erroneous report.

The international “human rights” group recently released a report supporting full decriminalisation of prostitution as a means of protecting the human rights of men and women in the sex trade.

Anti-exploitation groups – around the world – roundly condemned Amnesty International’s flawed report on prostitution. Their arguments are based mainly on liberal ideology rather than fact.

Decriminalised prostitution is a gift to organised crime syndicates, brothel owners, pimps and sex traffickers. It does nothing to protect the human rights of women and girls trapped in prostitution.

Decriminalising the sex industry will be catastrophic for vulnerable women and children in SA. High rates of poverty and unemployment coupled with a corruption riddled and mismanaged police force will guarantee that sexual exploitation & abuse of women and children in South Africa will skyrocket.

Sex trafficking and child prostitution increased dramatically in nations that decriminalised prostitution. Crime syndicates eventually take control of the sex industry in every nation that decriminalised it.

On Tuesday 13 Oct I participate in a panel discussion on human trafficking at the Annual “Media Campaign Against Human Trafficking” (MeCAHT) Conference in Simons Town, Cape Town.

The sex trade’s links to human trafficking is undeniable. Decriminalised prostitution fuels sex trafficking because it provides a legitimate cover for crime syndicates to ply their evil trade with impunity.

Family Policy Institute will closely monitor the push to decriminalise the sex trade in SA. We will provide the Body of Christ with fact-based evidence to oppose this disastrous agenda.

South Africa needs a national policy that will focus law enforcements attention on the human parasites that mercilessly exploit women and children for profit. The policy must also provide sustainable programs to help women exit this sordid trade. Sexual exploitation is not a career choice!

Prostitution harms women and children. It doesn’t matter if it’s legal or not. The sex trade is the most harmful and exploitative industry in the world today and is always controlled by crime syndicates.

In 2010 I flew to Copenhagen, Denmark to meet with Gunilla Ekberg, a global expert on prostitution. She committed to assist FPI draft a policy that will actually help women and clamp down on criminals.

I need your help to fight this battle. Please commit to pray for me and my team. We also need your financial support. Please donate today to support the fight against decriminalised prostitution in SA.


Errol Naidoo

PS: The re-scheduled “Legacy of Leaders” program featuring Michael Cassidy will be broadcast on "Watchmen on the Wall" on Tuesday 13 Oct at 8pm – DStv channel 341.

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