@A_C_D_P KZN – World Solar Challenge 2015- UKZN

Ethekwini Full Council Speeches

Cllr Wayne Thring

9.2. World Solar Challenge 2015- UKZN

Mr. Speaker, Mr Pitot,who works with students at UKZN’s Group for Solar Energy Thermodynamics (GSET) has said, “Solar-thermal technologies will likely play a prominent role in the world’s energy future, as it transitions from the use of carbon-intensive, finite fossil fuels for power generation and transportation to the use of sustainable energy resources.”

While at present, solar-thermal technologies face a number of general challenges to their wide-scale deployment, chief of which is their comparatively high cost, we are optimistic that in the near future this cost challenge will be minimized because of ground breaking work done by our students such as those at UKZN.

In supporting this recommendation, the ACDP wishes our students from the UKZN School of Engineering well in the World Solar Challenge 2015.

9.4 Waste Materials Recovery Industry Development Cluster

Mr. Speaker, it is common knowledge that the economy of SA, like many other developing economies, is not growing at the rate required to reduce our unemployment figures.

The ACDP supports the economic initiative of USE-IT, for the development, growth and competitiveness of the Waste Materials Recovery Development Sector.

When foreign capital inflows and demand is low, we have to look at our local domestic markets to stimulate growth and demand.

It is the view of the ACDP that our investment of R2.1 million in USE-IT, is an investment that will yield positive returns if managed well.

The ACDP supports this recommendation.

11.3. Organization and Establishment of the Information Management Unit.

Mr. Speaker, this is one of those ” common sense, must be implemented” ideas and one wonders why it took to long to figure out the Maths in terms of the savings to our Metro of almost R26 million.

The establishment of this Information Management Unit, which cuts out the middle man, will also allow us to build up a credible database, which remains the intellectual capital of the city.

The ACDP supports this recommendation.


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