Day 1 news announce recession Day 2 @VW Group SA to invest R4.5 billion….

@VW have really grown in our country and it is awesome to seethe development they are making to add more value to the global arena from right here in SA.

I still remember my 1963 beetle and the fun we had in her. We called her Nunu. We always used to wave and flash our lights at the other Beetles on the road and they would do the same. It is the most fun carr to drive still.

Everyone is up in arms about the freedom of the press, but the truth (I believe) is that the press are already riddled with smoke and mirrors. If you try and find certain news in the press that is good and not sensationalist enough you will not find it in the press because the press only has a certain number of pages and wants to sell its papers and will thus find the juiciest story that will feed your most sensational thoughts. If however you want to find out about any good news that may involve less sensational news it will have to be on your own journalistic agendas.

The SABC news and ETV news for example will allocate 10 minutes per news report on political news. Of that time 5 will be made up of the ruling party and the rest will be made up of pieces of everyone else, so you can,imagine how much gets left un said, not to mention the huge amount of good work being done in our country that we never get to hear about.

So when I hear the press talking about recession and then see articles like this one from @VW, naturally I question if we are actual getting freedom of the press or the oppression of sensationalism just to sell news!


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