Farmers line up to pray for South Africa’s people and economy along the road side…

Thank you to all those who prayed for our country and for its people. I pray that you are all blessed in Jesus name according to His glorious riches and love.

This is such an exciting picture to see man and women just taking time out of their day and to boldly bow down and pray for people that they have not yet met or even seen. To pray for their fellow country men and women and its leaders.

In The bible in Jonah the same thing happened where a man went into a city warning the people that there was a judgement coming to them. Then the king heard about this and everyone from the king right down to the poorest beggar knelt down and began to pray. Their willingness to humble themselves to God Almighty removed that judgement from that nation.

We all should take note of this and put aside our own agenda and take a look at the signs in front of us and start to pray and ask Jesus for forgiveness and to heal our land in Jesus name.


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