Banting creator shows how scientists misled us, but does that make this the new answer to our health?

Yet another person proving what so many before him have proven, but once again he is promoting yet another diet that he proves is better than all the rest.

Granted he is a brilliant man and has done so much for so many areas of life and especially sports around the world, but what makes his plan better than any other?

The truth still remains in the midst of all this and that is that we are not being told the truth here. We are being told the truth according to one mans version and perspective of the truth which has changed because of the environments created by his life.

The major truth here is that the public is being led by their noses or in this case stomach by a global business that makes money. Lets take a healthy food for example, an apple. How can any business make money off an apple? It cannot be done, but add a bunch of sugar and liquid and you can have a specific flavoured sports drink in an apple flavour. Now you can bottle it, market it, sell it en mass globally through a massive supply chain and even endorse famous sports figures to make people think its the best thing they can use. However if you read the label on most sports drinks today you will see a high sugar and high salt content in it which dehydrates you causing you to want more which means you buy more which means more money. It’s a vicious circle!

So where do we change it? Yes, we find a man who makes scientific sense and follow his notion fir a season until the next one arrives and so on. We need to take control of understanding our own body and how food works in us but most importantly we need to renew our minds to the fact that we don’t know what is right for us because we have been programmed like sheep to accept whatever is on tv. Our pallets and brains have been programmed to what these massive corporations have told us to eat so that they can make money. It may not come out like that and they may say a whole bunch of stuff against this, but for a business ti make money it must have a unique flavour and be something highly desirable to your pallet otherwise why would you buy it.

I spent 10 days eating vegetables, fruit and water recently and I lost 5 kilograms and have never felt better. No, I am not a vegan. I read Daniel 1 from the Bible and Jesus spoke to my heart to show me these truths and challenged my faith to actually do what Daniel did. Eat vegetables and water for 10 days. After that I ate some of the foods I ate before and I was overwhelmed with how artificial and over powering the tastes were. I then learnt that finding real food that is realm for my health may not have a brand label on it and even if it does I need to look carefully at the ones that do because they may not have my health at heart.

Anyone can make this change, it starts with renewing your mind and taste buds on what is real food. If you start on a banging diet and that works for you, then its a great way to get started, but don’t just let that be it. Learn more about what makes you healthy and renew your mind and taste buds on what is real food.


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