@Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse has just made mass data a possibility for any company around the globe….

@amazon have been doing it for a while, but its final come to the big guys @Microsoft. Cloud SQL data warehousing. You would think it would have arrived sooner being that its SQL and that @Microsoft have almost cornered the data market, but with big data and the whole Google no SQL open source they got left behind and are playing catch up. However this model and platform they are adopting will catch them up really quickly because all their business models right now have been training customers and vendors for this new world of cloud based services.

The big question still remains and that is cost. It’s is clear that the average Office 365 user spends more money on that monthly subscription long term than if they had to buy the software like before. I believe the stats are 80% of Office 365 customers are paying more than before.

It begs the question how much more will you now be paying as a business if Microsoft are taking away your data center hardware, and knowing that they are doing it.

SAAS is a great model but it is holding us all to ransom for a fee which will cost more and ultimately we will find costs of products increasing over time to accommodate.

But it definitely does bring the big stuff into the hands of users and businesses that could nit previously afford the big data center costs.



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