Why don’t we read our Bibles?

You can paint it any which way that you want but we are our own worst enemies when it comes to stuff that is good and right for us. Why? Because temptation and sin are very exciting and are good for a season, but that stuff never lasts and the reward is not good, but how else is the devil going to remove us from the path to heaven? It’s not about giving up stuff or now I’m a Christian so now I can’t do stuff, instead it should be that you are a Christian now a whole new world of great stuff that you did not know before is available to you! That is awesome. Imagine laying hands on someone who is sick and they are healed right there and then? Imagine discipline someone who has been down and out and they begin to get a job and are able to walk on their own again? Imagine telling someone who does not know about the love of Jesus and they are saved? Imagine never getting sick? Imagine….

God said to Moses when he asked who should I say that has sent me, “I am”. For the longest time I could not understand that, but I kept on asking until one day God showed me that in anything in my life or my family or my friends or my community or my countries lives that I need He is it, He is the I am in that thing or situation. Before I was saved, all that stuff was never taught or made available to me, it was hidden under a bunch of personal me myself and I!

Jesus is so much more than anything we can ever be or need and He is cooler and more relevant now than ever before and a relationship with Him begins when we open our Bible and read from it every moment of the day in every part of our day.

Here is an article that shows some more interesting reasons. But in all this remember that Jesus loves you more than Facebook does. Jesus loves you more than Oprah does. Jesus love you more.



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