The Pattern Of Failure – Why 246 Pastors Fell Within A Two Year Period

So the world thinks that the pastor has got it great but the truth is just not that simple. The truth is there is no more extreme job than that of being a pastor. Here is a warning bell to all Christian men that the road is narrow and few find it but those who are called and step in obedience to this calling will have a reward now in this life and in the life to come which far surpasses anything that anyone can think or imagine, but be warned that Satan is plotting with your name first on the list to kill you and destroy you. Maybe not in day one or two or one hundred, but instead he will sift you till the straw becomes so think you can hardly see it and then when it break you don’t even hear it break because the devil has sifted you down to ineffective.

These few points here are such sad but also such truth things that all men can do. Things that will give them a joy in their lives, purpose, direction, life, love and above all love beyond just ourselves. But walking in that road requires real grit and strength through faith.

This article has been a huge encouragement to me and I pray that it sets your heart on fire for more than just a couple of years but for eternity!

The love of Jesus will restore and uplift you beyond what anyone has ever seen just believe.


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