Does our education system actually teach us?

This picture is such a simple but true way of showing how the education system if the world is operating. Someone once said that educate has in fact failed us because it does not change us.

I can understand the current state though because we have a massive amount of people to teach and so few teachers who are able to teach. Not to mention that many teachers are never paid what they are worth. These do not make for a positive environment to develop good teachers.

We need a greater emphasis on growing good teachers and making sure that they are paid properly. The government subsidies for teachers world wide is ridiculous and private school are governed by governments to the point where the cost is way out of reach of the average student.

The truth is that the cost of learning properly is very expensive and saying or thinking it is cheap is just a lie. Creating a good environment to learn means not just the physical class room but the quality if the teacher, the books, the class room, the enthusiasm of both teacher and learner not to mention the right discipline.

As a result the school system has down graded its methods and worked with what it has which has resulted in a hobbling system that results in a select few being educated and mass of delinquently educated youths who are not equipped to succeed.


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