Chile makes college tuition free? What are great idea but…

This is such an awesome idea, but I beg to ask the simple question, what happens now that the businesses have to pay this tax, do they increase prices and ultimately increase the price of everything? I believe that this type of thing could benefit the country but what good is it if the students don’t pass and spend decades just going from one major to another and not actually adding value back into the country which gave them the tuition? However, if they do take hold of this and all the students actually get their degrees, they could be the generation which will make Chile the future leaders and providers of educated people. However, only time will tell.

I would like to encourage every student in Chile. Take this opportunity with both hands, get your degree and put back into your country. You are the amazing future that will shape your country and can make it the best place in the world to live. Don’t let current situations or circumstances make you think it wont happen, you are the change in your country and I believe that you can make it even better. The best is yet to come.


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