Glen Hills Community Braai and Soapbox Derby….

I am inviting all my neighbours in Glen Hills and Glen Anil to join us for the Annual Community Braai and a Soapbox Derby.
It will be held on Saturday 30 May 2015 at 15:00 till late at 19 Alamanda Road. Bring your own meat and drinks, we will be providing the braais and charcoal. Bring your family and most importantly bring your neighbour. The braais will be started at around 14:00 so that things are ready to braai.

Glen Hills 2015 Soapbox Derby

  • We will be sticking to a basic knock out race or round robin based on the number of entrants.
  • The short course will run from outside number 10 Alamanda to number 22 Alamanda.
  • Each entry must be a in a team of no less than two people with one being the driver.
  • Each car must be a creation from the team entering the race (the more creative the better).
  • Each car must be propelled purely by gravity and no engine or pushing is allowed except for at the start.
  • All drivers must have helmets on.
  • Each home may have multiple entries.
  • Safety is a priority so no excessive pushing or interfering with other entrants or your team may be disqualified.
  • Drivers may be any age.

There may be no F1 for this braai, but I am sure there is a future Vettel or Shumi living in our very midst.


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