@copelandnetwork When you are in the battle how do you overcome?

When God created the world He “said”. When He created us He “said” that He was going to create us in His own image. That means that whatever we “said” will also have the same creative force that God Almighty had when He created everything! But the devil has hoodwinked us by saying that “sticks and stones will hurt our bones but words will never harm us”.

So my question to anyone who says that phrase, if they don’t harm you then why do we have a free speech bill that wars are fought over? If they don’t affect us then why do we spend so much time protecting ourselves from them?

The truth is that God put the creative force and almighty power of life and creation into our mouths. The devil made sure that he twisted it into a force of destruction, but through it all, YOU still have the choice on what YOU do and say. YOU are the master of those words and with God’s creative force in you, YOU can shape and create any destiny you choose!

Speak life and you will be an overcomer!

#overcomer #HeGivesMeStrength


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