@BillGates and most of the world sees Africa very differently to the average African….

Africa is the last zone of promise and opportunity. this article from Bill Gates is an awesome in site into the massive development that we have shown over the rest of the world. While the world focuses on humanism people are looking at the potential and the opportunities and saying that even Christopher Columbus faced huge obstacles and ridicule for doing what he did but he saw opportunity. In the same way @BillGates is looking at Africa with more than just a fearful eye on what is wrong but instead he looks at the possibilities in the midst of the turmoil. there are so many awesome reports and wonderful things happening in our country (South Africa) but these never see the light of day because all that the news ever publishes is the most sensational story that sells newspapers and not the kind of news that inspires people to rise up and become great leaders in their communities. This is the promised land! @ILuvDBN


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