Screen time reduces sleep time? Statistics prove it.

Sometimes when people know something they do not believe it till it actually gets put in front of them with a scientific stamp on it. This study actually proves that the more time a person spends on devices with screens the less sleep they have and the longer it takes for them to fall asleep. Weird right? Well I believe that the glitter and activity of the screen is working on the mind in such a way that your mind is unable to distinguish what’s real from what’s not real. So when a person tries to fall asleep after all that screen time, the mind is racing through all those things to compartmentalise their day and calm down or subdue all those active things that take place on the screens. With the fast pace of games, social media and the simple fact that you have it in your hands, it means that you will have a flood over activity in your mind that needs to be processed and managed before you go to sleep.

When we switch our computers off at night or switch them to hibernate (either by clicking on the buttons or commands or simply closing the laptop) the system takes a while to shut down all those services and memory and ram and drives and place them in a safe solid state so that it will not be damaged during transit if need be.

Our minds are much the same. When we go to sleep at night in both our conscious and subconscious we are shutting down those memories and rams and services which would body has used through the day so that our bodies and minds can be put a t a full state of rest. If we have so much stuff going on and in our subconscious mind we have this unhealthy urge to get back into it almost like a drug addict, its no wonder we take so long to fall asleep and even why we sleep for such short periods at a time.

The length of the sleep would naturally be affected by the addictive desires of the environments we are working on. Facebook has actually been shown to have addictive tendencies amongst people. Which means that your mind will always have in the background this urgency to keep up with what is happening on your Facebook, just as a game would have. That urgency is portrayed in drug addicts. they cannot wait for their next fix. This would be why we sleep shorter because our subconscious mind is yearning to get back in the game or see what was posted.

These points I only my thoughts on this topic.


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