CES and our future technology dictated by companies, but cancer still have no cure…

Sounds like a government forcing their view on people, but instead it is the CES show and the companies are trying to use their Key Note speeches to entice the various companies who may install their products rather than the consumers. These keynotes are an important area of the show because they will show us what the key areas and trends of technology that big companies will shove down our throats later on through this year. The main thread here is connected everything and cars that don’t need humans to drive them.

Who needs Back to the Future ,we are in the future. My question to all these mega advances is where is the cure to Cancer? Not the management of it, the actual bonafide cure? We are sending people to Mars, getting appliances and even furniture to speak to us through technology, some technology is watching us and thinking for us, other technology is making our lives easier, but through it all I still do not see world hunger being solved, deadly diseases being eradicated or poverty being lifted?

If all the money in the world was dished out evenly every person would have over one million US dollars. I am not supporting communism, I am asking what are those super rich actually doing with their money when their fellow man is suffering these great ills? When will CES and all those massive technology companies and businesses from around the globe come together to create a cure for one disease that is still hitting people all over the world?

Don’t get me wrong, I love all those advances in technology, but they all do only one thing, create more money for the companies and new products which creates a new market for those people to buy more stuff and the old stuff lives on a dump which the human race at the moment cannot recycle. Imagine if 20% of all the R&D and technology developments of all the companies around the world would go into one global research project with one purpose to eradicate cancer? We as a world are amazing and can overcome any obstacle thrown at us if we just find the time and desire to help each other together. Look at how much was able to be done when Haiti has their quake? Look at how much support poured in to Indonesian when the tsunami ravaged the country? How much more could we do as a world if we put all that compassion and wisdom into one place just for a global cause, to put aside our own agenda’s and to think about our fellow man for a moment and create the answer together.

Many years ago we did this once. The whole world stood in unity to find one common solution to a problem. How to tell people what to do in case of an emergency on an aeroplane! Yes, those instructions you get when the cabin closes are in fact a result of the whole world coming together to decide on one standard method of telling people what to do when a problem happens on a plane.



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