@dybmovie Do You Believe asks a very important question…

This is a still from one of the scenes in the movie Do You Believe. This movie looks awesome, but what really hit me was the probing questions that are asked in the trailer alone. This one is a real serious question and one which I believe we all should answer, but in the movie it looks as if this is put to a bigger test than we think.

These are the final days before the coming of King Jesus. How do I know, well read the Bible and you will find all the news of today being predicted in the Bible. This means that we have been given the honour of being the ones who represent the church that Jesus is coming for. We are the ones who people are looking to for the peace and love which is lacking in the world today, but how much of our lives reflects that over coming power which Jesus teaches us about?

Do You Believe enough to stand and live the life which Jesus talks about or is it just a Sunday hour?



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