Is @apple iPhone replacing the iPad?

After all that hype and huge change in the world markets it appears that iPhone users are now going back to their iPhones instead of their iPads. Does this mean we have to change our buying habits? Nope. the iPad paved the way for a slew of new technology but it all brought about one massive problem that consumer usage is sorting out. Which is the best to buy? You see the iPad is a device that has no real business place unless it can host certain apps and even that (as powerful as it is) cannot completely replace those advanced intricate bits of detail that are required. Added to this the newer technologies that the Kinect motion sensor has pioneered over the past few years means that the methods and ways people are interacting with their devices has not yet been settled. Most people have a problem lugging multiple devices and this was the issue when laptops were still the only thing available. A phone remains too small and something in the 7 inch ranges just looks obscene in your pocket so consumers and now left once again with the dilemma to solve of what is best going to work for us? The new train of thought to create intelligent interconnected devices that know when you are coming or that you are in the vicinity and allow you to use a wall or a flat surface as a screen or interface is very real and far more appealing because it means you can use one device and leave the rest behind. @Ubuntu have already started this train of thought by looking at using the @ubuntu OS on any machine, however they have put @Ubuntu on a phone and this phone then becomes the PC when you plug it into a hub which connects only to a monitor, keyboard and a mouse. With modern specs many of the phones today could almost get away with doing this. So here we sit once again. Consumers are to decide where the next range of products are going to go.

What about you? Could you do away with your laptop and only have your tablet or must you walk around with three devices?
What would be your ideal device or devices?


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