China opens its stock market to the world…

Through the history of the world there have been great moments that people have had the honour of being a part of or watching both good or bad.

  • The last day of the second world war is still celebrated to day as VJ Day in the UK.
  • The Berlin Wall coming down was a huge success story.
  • Woodstock may be the greatest migration in modern times.
  • The fall of the world trade centres on 9 11.
  • Hiroshima is engulfed in a mushroom of atomic radiation.
  • The day Avatar became the biggest selling movie of all time.
  • The first release of the iPod.
  • The first time a person saw a colourful windows display on a screen instead of the normal old CRT green.
  • When Facebook officially listed on the stock exchange.
  • …and there are many others…

Today marks one of those days as the world buys up all the foreign trade from China in about 5 hours more than a billion $2.1 billion was traded in one day just to buy up these new shares that have never before seen the light of day except for those in China.

The one thing that most people are not seeing in this joyous moment is the unification of all the nations into one global economy. One of the signs of the end of times prophecy in the Bible predicts that these things will happen as the coming of King Jesus gets closer. China has joined the global economy.


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