@Google buy an airstrip from @NASA, should we be worried or happy…

Maybe I am the only one, but when a tech company like Google who like to break the rules of the norm and like the idea of stuff the internet in everyone’s face or having access to the world’s data, gets their own airfield with space launch capabilities, should we be worried or glad?

With drones being a hot topic and Google actively working on self drive cars as well as robots not to mention their interest in drones, we can put together some ideas on where this is all going. Flying car may sound a bit much but why not. If you have an automated flying vehicle in a controlled airspace which most of the world’s airspace is, why not make a flying car that allows autopilot travel. While you are at it why not design some robotic tools or work horses that will do the same thing? Could this be the start of our future of AI? Elon Musk has already warned against it and has major concerns about what it is capable of.

What are you up to @Google?



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