3D Printing just about anything…

From candy that you can eat to steel bolts or guns to sporting equipment to implants or human prosthetics or even full functioning robots. 3D Printing is not just a fad or something that is starting, no, it is currently the next wheel invention of the world. What makes this one interesting is that it is not patented or tied down by one company. It is something that human knowledge and development has come up with and everyone with a bit of savvy can create one of these. The challenge is being able to create what you need. There is an Israeli company that are able to create a 3D Printed object which has both solid and liquid state in the object, like a soft gel capsule. Another company has figured out how to take powder and 3D Print it into an edible pizza. Another company has created a 3D Printing fax machine that scans in 3D, prints in 3D and send to another machine just like it in 3D!


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