@Telkom gets advanced networks! Should we have a free national network??

Sounds like Telkom is upping its game with some options that offer speeds and cost effectiveness that can benefit people. Now if only they would get some free to home data running so that we can use it for day to day use. I think we should be wired nationally by a national network that uses a cops system similar to that of the road cops in UK.

Basically you get “points” taken off your drivers when you are caught doing speeding or any traffic offence. If you get 5 points removed then you get your license suspended for a period of time and if you do more it can be take n away from you completely. The idea is not to stop people but give them a responsibility.

So to bring it to our internet usage, let’s say we have a national connected grid and everyone has free access to it. Each connection can be monitored and a permissions logon request can be made using a South African ID and if that person over uses the network they get a “point” taken off and if they get more than 5 they are not allowed to log on anymore for a period of time.



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